be prepared for some sarcasm

Ive been a bit MIA this past week, so heres a quick catch-up........
a few days after Nooshies actual birthday, husbandito arrived home for his brake from work, which we all were looking forward too.
unfortunately it wasn't the fun fun fun filled week we had hoped for. between feeling completely run down, having a few girly issues and getting an ear infection, which may or may not have something to do the the huge glands i am sporting at the moment, I was a barrel of laughs and fun as you can imagine.  
all i've wanted to do this last week is curl up in bed and sleep, but how does one do that when you have a 1 year old trying to walk and needing constant entertaining, research colours and the like for a new house that should be getting built soon, and socialise while your hubby is home??? well you cut the socialising bit completely out, who needs to socialise anyway hey???
then you just run yourself down even more by still going to playgroup so nooshie isn't missing out on her socialising, so by the time your hubby is about to get on the plane to go back to work, your in tears! 
yes that right, thats what happened this morning. husbandito is all set to head back to W.A, and I was a mess, feeling like death warmed up crying to him in the bathroom, and apologising that his time off wasn't so much fun. of course he doesn't really care that it wasn't 'fun' he was just happy to be home with his girls, yet i still managed to feel guilty about being sick and not more perky.  
to top off this fantastic morning we are having nooshie monster decided that after we got back from the airport that she would spend the next 2 and a half hours crying. oh joy of joy.
anyway thats enough waaahhh waaahhh poor me. 

here's some pix of what we did get up to while noohies daddy was home.

waiting at the airport of daddy to get off the plane
nice weather for a bbq
hanging out in our pretend home...looking at displays for colour inspiration 
a ride at the shops with humpty dumpty.

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