Elf on the Shelf printable report card

Three gorgeous Elf of the Shelf ladies zipped into our house last night in style, Clara, Clementine and our newest scout elf, Cleo,  will now be flitting around our house until christmas eve, keeping a close eye on all the goings on.
This is our forth year of doing Elf on the shelf, and this year I'm much more organised, I have a list of places that they and hide in the house and activities they can set up for our girls to enjoy, but their main job is to report back to Santa each night!  The story goes that the scout Elves see all the nice and the naughty things the kids do, so this year I have made up little report cards that the elves can bring back from the North Pole with them from time to time, especially if they have done something particularly great, or quite naughty. Our aim is to hand out many more nice report cards than naughty!

Click here to download the printable PDF file of the Elf Report Card.
Once you have downloaded it you can open it up and print it out, I like to set it up in print to so 4 cards print on the one page.

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