Fancy Water: Orange, Strawberry and Mint

Last week while being couch potatoes not really paying to much attention to the T.V something caught the eye of both the hubstar and I. We had Jamie's super foods on, it was right at the end of the show and he was making fancy water, I'm sure it wasn't called that but I wasn't really watching it at the point when he called it anything, so fancy water it is.
It is such a simple concept and one that I'm sure a lot of you already do in summer, I know I do it with lemons and limes already but this flavour combo was just too good to not try out.  So two days later we made some and had it out at Miss H's 3rd birthday party, it was a huge hit, so for the past week I've been making up a fresh batch daily and the girls have been drinking much more water because of it, which is great seeing we are having a heat wave at the moment.

 What you need...

  • Peel from half an orange, but into strips
  • 1 or 2 strawberries, sliced
  • Handfull of mint
  • Water
How you do it...
  • Place the orange peel, strawberries and mint into a jug, or whatever you like to keep your water in.  I use the one of my el cheapo drink dispensers I got in a two pack with stand from K-mart Australia.
  • Pour about a cup of boiling water into the jug/dispenser to activate all the beautiful flavour and smells, leave it for about 5 minutes.
  • Fill the the rest of the jug/dispenser with cool watering chill in the fridge.
So easy and and really refreshing! Thanks Jamie Oliver!!!!

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