White Choc Cake Pops

I made this yummy cake pops For my little Queen B's first birthday celebration,
 they were a huge hit and I really loved making them. 
I think they are definitely ready to be placed on the permanent party food list!! 

What you need...
  • A day old vanilla cake, I cheated and made a Betty Crocker packet cake.  FYI I just discovered you can buy Betty Crocker cake mixes in bags not just boxes...It's cheaper and you don't end up with unwanted frosting. 
  • 2 blocks of white chocolate
  • 1/4 cup of cream 
  • A bag of Wilton candy melts
  • Copha
  • Sprinkles and Wilton glitter dust for decorating
Speciality Tools 
  • Microwave safe bowls
  • Cake pop sticks
  • Florist block or polystyrene block to hold the cake pops upright.

How you do it....

  • Break the cake up into a bowl, by rubbing the cake pieces together you will get a fine crumb quite quickly.
  • Make a white chocolate ganache* by placing 200grams of white chocolate and 1/4 cup of cream into a microwave safe bowl. Zap it for 1 min, take it out and give it a good stir then zap it again for another min.
  • Pour the ganache into the cake crumb, give it a good mix with a  spatula or wooden spoon, then a quick kneed with your hands.
  • Start forming the balls by picking up some dough, giving it a squeeze and then rolling it in your hands. Place them onto a baking tray or plate.
  • When you have made all your balls pop them into the fridge for 20 mins to firm up
  • Melt about 50-100 grams of white chocolate from your second block and quickly eat or hide the rest before your kids see it!  I melted it in the microwave in 1 minute intervals, stirring after each 1 minute. 
  • When it is fully melted take out the cake balls and your cake pop sticks, dip one end of the stick into the melted chocolate and place a ball onto that end of the stick.  When the chocolate is set it will help keep the ball and stick as one!
  • Pop them back into the fridge while you get the candy melts ready for dipping.
  • In a microwave safe bowl pop 200 grams of candy melts and 40 grams of copha, note, this may not be enough to cover all your cake pops, but it is better to melt it in batches.  Melt the mixture in the microwave the same way as the white chocolate, in 1 minute intervals, stirring after each minute.  
  • Once melted pour into a deep cup.
  • Only take a few pops out of the fridge at a time. One at a time dip the pop into the candy melts,  still holding it over the cup slowly turn the pop so excess dips off. *Tip* lightly tap your wrist to help the excess come off
  • If decorating with sprinkles dip into a little bowl of sprinkles while still slightly wet, then place in an upright position, this is when the florist block come in very handy.
  • If decorating with the glitter, let them dry fully first before dusting them with a small brush.
Keep in a airtight container in the fridge for a couple of day.

*ganache works better than other icings and butter creams because it will set firmer.

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