Tutti Fruity Nails

It's summer, so why not add some seasonal fruit into your life and onto your nails!
To do these Tutti Fruity Nails I used a variety of bright colours, MoYou London stamping Plates 08 & 09 from the Tropical range, my large MoYou London marshmallow stamper and a MoYou London scraper.
With some of the designs I wanted to use a couple of colours so I made decals.  To do this I picked up  the main colour with my stamper, painted clear polish over the top, let it dry for 10 mins, then using a tiny fine brush painted the second colour onto the design where I wanted it, waited another 10 min and covered once again with clear polish.  Once fully dried (about 10 mins again) I stamped the decal directly onto my nail.
Watch the full video below!!

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