Foddy Finds of the Week….Chapter One

This week I have had a few wins when it comes to Low FODMAP cooking, and the timing could not have been better.  I was starting to feel really disheartened by the whole thing and felt that I may be destined to never have tasty foods again.  Then these two chicken dishes landed on lap, and I will definitely be adding them into my dinner time repertoire!

While away in Perth my darling big sister gave me a cooking with kids books,  flicking through it this week to find easy bake things I could make with the girls I stumbled across some chicken kebabs.  I usually cook my kebabs with loads of onion, which is a huge no no now, so they hadn't even entered my mind as a possible dinner, but these ones had no onion (I guess thats what makes then kid friend too) and instead was made with grilled zucchini and red capsicum.  What made them even better was there were sitting on a bed of mash potato, and well who doesn't love some mash! Even more exciting was that I had chicken out defrosting so I didn't have to wait to try out these beauties.

Low FODMAP Chicken Kebabs on Mash

I started off by boiling my potatoes and char grilling some zucchini slices and red capsicum, I diced up my chicken into large squares and dusted mine with Cayenne pepper (I left the kids plain), once the zucchini and capsicum was cool I whacked all three ingredients on to small skewers that I pre soaked in water for about 30 minutes.  I then Placed all my Kebabs into a hot pan with some olive oil, rotating them so ensure even cooking.  When the Kebabs were just about ready my potatoes were done and ready to mash.  I make a lactose free mash, and never measure anything out.  I start to mash up the potato and then put a nice big dollop of Nettelex in (dairy free butter) and continue to mash, then some Zymil Lactose free milk and mash it up till light and fluffy.  By now my Kebabs were cooked and ready to serve on top of the mash with some fresh spinach picked right out of our veggie patch!  I might add here that I discovered my new favourite way to eat mash too, wrapped up in a fresh spinach leave…oh my it was heaven.  In all the verdict from great, they were a hit with all three of us, next time I plan on putting some lactose free cheese on the zucchini while it is grilling, we do it like this on the bbq and it is so tasty, and I'm thinking of adding some eggplant next time too.

Next win of the week came about because I had accidentally taken out chicken mince to defrost instead of a chicken breast.  I have never cooked with chicken mince before and only bought to try out some chicken sausage roll things I saw a  few weeks back.  Anyway I had a light bulb moment and thought Chicken Meatballs.  Thank-god for google, within minutes I had a number of recipes to choose from, all of course not quite low FODMAP friendly, but I did find one that didn't need too much work to make it so. With a little tweaking it was a huge success and I can't wait to make them again for my Hubby when we gets home.

Low FODMAP Chicken Meatballs

Meatball Ingredients- 500grams chicken mince, 1/4 cup GF breadcrumbs, 1 tablespoon parsley, 1
teaspoon dijon mustard, 1 egg.
To make them is pretty simple, you put all the ingredient in a bowl and mix it together, I used a wooden spoon to do this as chicken mince is pretty sticky and its hard to do it with your hands.  When you do have to use your hands to divide then into the balls, make sure you wet your hands first! Once you have made the meat balls set them aside in the fridge while you make the tomato sauce and start boiling the water for that pasta.
Tomato Sauce Ingredients- 1 tablespoon garlic infused oil, the green part of two large spring onion, some diced red capsicum, 2 large sprigs of thyme, 800 gram can of tomatoes.
Heat the garlic oil and then fry off the spring onion and capsicum after a few minutes add the can of tomatoes and the thyme and season with some salt and pepper to taste.
Now, fry off the meatballs in some garlic oil, making sure all sides are nice and golden, then pour the simmering tomato sauce over the top.  Let it simmer and cook through while your choice of pasta cooks, I used San Remo GF Fettuccine.  This was by far the best low FODMAP meal I have made, it really gave my hope for some more tasty dinners!

Happy low foddy cooking!

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