Motivation or lack there of….

Arrgghh the holiday hangover still continues……

Since returning home after having a full week off my full on low FODMAP diet (or low foddy as I've nicknamed it) and yoga regime, I have found it quite hard to get back on the bandwagon.  The diet side of things hasn't really been the issue, as I did try to stick to low foddy foods while away and have since stumbled across some great new recipe ideas for dinner.  It's been more about getting motivated to get the ol' yoga mats out once again.  Yesterday I managed to do the easy yoga dvd I have, as I thought I would have to ease myself back into it but I actually found it really really easy, which is fantastic news.  After this achievement I thought that I would feel much more motivated today, but no.  I had plan to have breakfast and get straight into it, but I started cleaning the house instead and then that turned into me completely de-clattering my bathroom.  Yes it really did need to be done and I do feel better about getting started on de-clattering the house as thats this months mission, but I also feel it was used as an excuse not to yogi it up!  Then on the way home from Lala's ballet class and dinner at my parents I thought, 'it's not that late, get the mat out once you get the girls to bed'….well instead I ended up eating popcorn and watching Peter Pan with my girl, yes beautiful special time with my precise babies, but once again an excuse not to yogi it up!!!

Alas tomorrow is a new day, and new days bring new thing, hopefully it brings my motivation back!

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