Low FODMAP update- three weeks in.

It has been not quite four weeks since I embarked on this boring and bland diet to help my tummy issues.  Things had been going well, so well that in fact in this past week I started to relax a little with the diet, I had a little something I shouldn't here, and a little something there, being careful not to over do it though.  Unfortunately it seem I did over do it! Two days ago I started feeling a little uncomfortable and having a few pangs of pain, yesterday was much the same, stupid me didn't really pay to much attention, maybe I'm still in the frame of mind that this feeling is my 'normal'.  Last night got worse with lots of pain, bloating and a few unpleasant trips to the loo.  After not much sleep last night Husbandito got the girls up this morning and let me sleep in till 10:30! I can't even remember the last time I was in bed that late, it was exactly what I needed.
I still have a sore belly today but I know the worst is over now and I can jump back on the low FODMAP diet knowing that it has actually made quite a difference for me.  This is bitter sweet, I'm so glad I have found something that helps, but feeling a little dishearten that I may never be able to eat and drink whatever I want, whenever I want again....boooooo

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