Second star to the right and straight on till Lala's Birthday

After months and months of me saying that the girls were not going to have parties this year we are currently in the throughs of putting together Lala's 3rd birthday party.
Yes I'm a sucker!

She had been asking me to make her a Tinkerbell cake for her birthday for a good 6 months, which was no problem at all, I LOVE baking and creating special cakes for birthdays, but about a month ago her asking for a Tinkerbell cake turned into her telling us that Daddy was coming to her party as Peter Pan, and she will be Tinkerbell.  That soon turned into her 'needing' her friend to come dressed up as lost boys, pirates and fairies.  Like I said I am a sucker and lets face it I heart planning little parties, so we have found ourselves putting together a small and crafty 'Neverland Party'.

I have spent the past couple of weeks sewing costumes and cutting out paper leafs to make a Neverland jungle, yesterday we took it the next level and made a direction sign post for Never Neverland.
Im not going to lie here, my husband can need quite a bit of nagging, like a lot of men, to get motivated to do things that don't have anything to do with his computer, but I tell you what, when he actually gets started on a project he does do an amazing job!

I have been talking about doing a sign post for a few weeks, and causally showing him photos from Pinterest, all the while thinking that I will have to do it myself and just get him to do some of the painting part that I know he is better at.  In the afternoon I had a Red cross meeting to head to and had asked him to go to the hardware store and get some garden steaks so I can get started.  Well by the time I got home the project was in full swing, a huge pole had been bought, stabilised and oiled!!  He had planks of wood cut up and was outlining what he was going to write and paint on them!!  I was very impressed, I even got to paper mache some cute little flowers and a starfish which was fun as I haven't done anything like that since year 8!  By 9pm we had one amazing looking sign post….but you will have to wait until after the party to see the finished product!

We wake today to Lala being a fully fledged three year old! Today was her day, she got to choose anything she wanted for brekkie, so she had a peanut butter sandwich (which is actually her favourite lunch), she got to choose whatever she wanted for lunch, so had an omelette, her chosen activity for the day was watching 'UP' on my iPad in her favourite party dress, and for dinner she asked to go to our favourite local restaurant.  I could not be prouder of her! Now we can really get the party started this weekend!
 Happy Birthday baby girl. X  

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