Let's talk wonder weeks

Arrhhh I knew it, I knew it, we are in a wonder week…or as this one should be called a wonder month + a week!!!

What the hell is a wonder week??? A wonder week is the nice name they have given to describe a  major developmental leap that temporally turns you beautiful sweet baby into a demon child.  Normal characteristics and clues that a wonder has hit are as followed

  •  Crying
  •  Not sleeping
  •  Needing to carried all the freaking time! 
  • Scared of EVERYTHING, especially if it involves going to sleep.
  • Separation anxiety  
Wonder weeks aren't all bad news though, it is pretty cool getting to see the new tricks that your bubba can do because of this huge leap.

So Miss Deedee has been driving me crazy the past 4 days and nights not wanting to sleep, this leads to her screaming for hours, mum and dad frustrated and almost in tears, well mum anyway.  This afternoon after 2 hours of screaming and cuddling, it occurred to me that this might be a wonder week, I got my iPad out and checked the app (yes there is an app for everything these days), and yep, Deedees little smiling face on the wonder week calendar was sitting exactly 4 days into a 'storming period' that last 5 weeks!!

As frustrating as this time can be, especially as it means she is once again waking through the night, it is easier to get through knowing that there is a reason behind it all.  Although after reading about what this leap will bring I'm not to sure I'm looking forward to the  'starts nagging to get her way' and 'starts to be "aggressive"'….sounds like the tantrums and barnies with her big sister are about to really hit!!

Oh joy!

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