DIY Neverland Party

Mission accomplished, Lala had a wonderful time at her Neverland themed 3rd birthday party, and hopefully all the other fairies and pirates did too.

I love throwing a little kids party and I am particularly proud of this one, because between my creative Hubby and I we pretty much did it all ourselves.  I made costumes for the whole family, he drew maps and built and painted signs, we cut and hung leaves to create pixie hollow, we even transformed the girls play tent into teepee.  Then of course there was the Tinkerbell cake that was the inspiration for the whole party, it was actually much easier than I imagined and can go down as one of the easier cakes I have done.  I think all the kids enjoyed themselves, we had a quick treasure hunt were they run around our backyard searching for little pouches filled with pirate booty (chocolate coins), and we had fun watching them play fairies and pirates.  One thing I did learn and was that 3 year old are in no way ready to play pass the parcel, but did expect that might have been the case, you live and learn!

So here is a look at what the day was like for us.

Click here to read about the tinker bell cake.

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