Lala's first Ballet Class

Ballet bag packed and ready to go
Here I am sitting in a small concreted room as proud as punch, my baby girl, who isn't such a baby anymore has just gone in to do her first ever kinder dance class.  The small concreted room I'm sitting waiting in is such a familiar and homely place to me, it is the change rooms of the ballet school I danced with for just about 18 years.   Well before I had ever considered being ready to have babies I had dreamed about sending my children off to Shirlene's School of Classical Ballet, now it is actually happening I can't quite believe it. The smell of mothballs still lingers in the air here and the sound of the piano is the same too, part of me feels like I have stepped back in time and I should be getting ready to take a class myself.  I can not wait to hear if she enjoyed it…….

Waiting to go and 'play ballet'

Well the verdict is in, Lala LOVES ballet, the very first thing she said to me was 'oh great day at ballet mum'.  The whole drive home, which is a good 40 minutes, she chatted to me about what she had learnt, about how is liked Miss Jones her teacher, how she got a lolly and it was a blue one and how she is more than happy to go back again next week.  I feel so incredible proud of her, she had no tears at leaving me, and had a great time 'playing ballet' with the other kids.  I feel extremely blessed to be able to give her something I feel is so special, the gift of having the opportunity to learn an amazing art form.  And finally it feels great to be able to show her a little glimpse of my life while I grew up, something I hopefully will get to share with her for a while to come.

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