What a week!

My beautiful fresh wall
What a busy week we have had here! My lovely husbands was home on his R&R so we have been spending some nice quiet quality time as a family, we had movie nights, a family date at the chocolate
 shop and lot's of relaxing.  Once he headed back to work the real fun began, I have continued on my mission to do small make overs on the house, this week I was still focusing on study and did a feature wall all by myself, everything from masking it up to painting, and I am in love with it, so is Lala who keeps going up to it and hugging our new 'beautiful grey wall'.

Very helpful engine 'Lady'
I have also been sorting out the girls clothes, packing up what doesn't fit them, and working out what things we will need to get them to complete their winter wardrobes.  I find the clothes packing up process such a time consuming and tedious task, but it was well worth it when their draws are all beautifully organised again, and I got to post a whole heap of clothes off to friends so I know a lot of the good stuff is going to be much loved again.  We have also been busy creating a low key train costume for a Thomas the Tank party the girls are off to tomorrow, it's amazing want you can do with some paper plates, paint and a stapler, not prize winning costumes, but the girls are happy, and I'm sure the birthday boy will think they look great too.
Easter decorating

 Finally we have ended the week with decorating our yearly Easter tree, created from twigs from our backyard, a bucket and some beautiful egg decorations.
Through all this I have actually managed to fit in a bit of yoga and some low FODMAP cooking too, so look out for some new recipe posts next week, but for now I'm off o enjoy the last bit of this week by watching the footy and having a snag before the weekend party and ballet rush starts!  Go Bombers!

Very happy with our Easter tree this year!

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