My Nook.

The past two weeks have seen me on a semi rampage, a de-clutter / re-vamp the house rampage.

It started with me sick and tried of having to rummage through my bathroom draws to find anything.  Now, I'm not what I would describe as a hoarder, but I will admit that I do have some issues with throwing out some stuff, usually random stuff like my almost empty makeup that I haven't touch in years! So I got tough with myself and filled up two grocery bags full of general bathroom 'crap', empty bottles, lotions that have been sitting there since we moved in and have never been touched, you all know what I'm talking about!  Once that was done, I started on the Kitchen draws, I could not believe that amount of generally useless stuff that had been shoved into the draws, especially that bottomless pit known as the 3rd draw down.  I emptied all four draws out completely and only put back in what we need and use, it was such a successful process that I even got to allocated the 3rd draw down to being a a draw dedicated to all my baking utensils.

Next I moved onto my desk….A task I have been wanting to tackle for a long time.  I have a tiny little desk in our study that is home to my laptop and my sewing machine, and whatever else the kids and I put on it.  For a while now I have been wanting another small desk so I have two sitting side by side, one for my blogging and running the house, the other for my sewing, but in the mean time I will have to make do with the one, so some serious organisation was in order! Not only did i see this little revamp as my chance to get organised but to also do something that has been on mind for a bit, adding another colour into my very red accessorised house!

I just didn't know what colour to do, enter the pinterest search for colour boards.  It needed to be something that went with the grey and red already all through my kitchen, dining and lounge, but also something bold and bright to reflect our family.  One colour keep catching my eye, a bright contrasting Tourquoise.  Ok colour nervously picked, now how the hell do i add it in?  Wall art?? Back to pinterest for some wall art pinsteration, after what seemed like hours I settled on a canvas DIY project that I could do with masking tape and some acrylic paints.  The next morning I packed the girls in the car and headed off to the town over to hit up the local el'cheapo shop, here we found the canvas I need for $11 and the perfect Turquoise colour for $2.95, I got 2 other colours for $2.95 as well, and then headed home to create some art.  Have a look here to see how I created my wall art.  Now for the organisation side of things.  While having a browse through Target I found some great desk accessories in a plain black fabric for only $12 each, I grabbed two organising trays and one 'magazine holder', then while having a poke around Typo I found a cute little owl pen holder in complimenting colours to my wall art and funky clear skull, both only $7 each.   Today I got to put to all together, art hung on the wall, fabrics and sewing gear in the trays and general papers and mags in the magazine holder.  I am so happy with how it has all turned out, and love my little nook that I have created myself, i'm hoping it inspires me to sew more beautiful buntings and blog on.

Next on my list of de-cluttering the house is the Pantry….I feel an Ikea trip coming!

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