Costco anyone??

todays adventure was of the shopping variety...a trip to costco!
just like any other normal shopaholic i feel that costco is heaven, but over the past year i've become much better at controlling my urge to grab and buy EVERYTHING!.  today nooshy and i took my sister for her very first costco visit, and it reminded me of just how overwhelming the costco experience can be. there was lots of "look at this" and "oh my god"'s being said and you could see the awe of just how big the warehouse was all over her face. luckily or unluckily for my sis, she is over here in melbourne from Kalgoorlie so couldn't buy too would she get it back???  although there was some talk about posting things back! 

todays shopping goal was pretty simple....get a box of nappies. thats it, thats all i needed to get, a box of nappies. it started off well, for once i actually remembered to complete step one in having a successful costco trip....i took the pram out of the boot so there was actually room in the the boot...too many times we have gotten back to the car, and had to pack it like we are playing a game of tetris! so i get a pat on the back for that one! so things were going well...nappies were put in trolly, along with a few other useful items, bandaids, hand wash, along with some dr pepper...hey don't judge! 
now before i did mentioned that i had gotten better at controlling myself not to buy out the whole warehouse...well i have, but this doesn't mean i don't have a few slip like like the huge jar of picked cucumbers, the giant bag of cheezels or the big pink bunny seat i just had to get my daughter! 

well what can you expect from a shopping addict??? 

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