Operation yoga

It's been over a year since I had my second baby, so it has been a whole year of me saying I should get around to strengthening up my poor old separated tummy muscles.  That's a whole year of thinking about it with no action at all! 
Well today things just got serious, I pulled out my pregnancy yoga DVD and did a whole 20 minutes of the post natal section!  I know I know, 20 minutes isn't fantastic but hey it's 20 minutes more than I have done in,  well I guess years.  I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed it and how great my two girls were while I did it, they even tried it and joined in at stages. 
Now here comes the fun part, tomorrow shopaholic me is allowing me to go and buy a yoga mat, and some comfy yoga clothes.  
So here is my pledge to myself (and being online surly means more I'm more likely to commit yeah?): 
I Amy-Carrie promise to take time out for me even if it is only 20 minutes a day, put on my new comfy yoga pants and my DVD and yoga it up baby!!!!

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