So I have spent the better part of my morning going through all of my baby girls clothes. Yes, I have been pretty good up to this point, and regularly pack away what she has grown out of.  But this exercise is mainly done so i know what things she needs, and to make my life easier at the shops.  Today though was all about being ruthless! Only keeping what I actually loved and what I would use again if we are blessed with another little princess down the track.  What a job! I have managed to keep 3 medium space bags full of ones and cutie outfits, all in all most likely hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of clothes. which really made me think a few times that we better have girl next time round, not just because I loved all these outfits, but because it's a huge amount of money to have spent on clothes that really don't get a lot of wear . Then again I'm sure if we have end up with a boy down the track, there will be a beautiful little girl I could find to pass them down too.

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  1. My old boss just brought five nappy boxes full of boys clothes for a workmate who's having a boy. You must go through so many clothes so fast!