Needing our naps back

How is it, that just when you think you have figured out your babies routine, all hell brakes loose, everything you thought you knew gets thrown out the window and you are left wondering what happened?  This is what happen to us this week....We had finally gotten Lala to settle into actually having decent afternoon naps and for the first time in 11 months I actually had some free time in the afternoons. Then boom she spent three days crying, and not just crying but CRYING!!! Gaaaaaaaa......So it turns out we had a sick little possum on our hands, temperature and then a nice rash to follow. This was bitter-sweet, on one hand you NEVER want your baby to be sick, and me being the biggest hypochondriac i know really NEVER EVER wants her to be sick, but it means that once she is better she will happily go back to having her nice long afternoon sleeps! Right???
Well today she is still rashy, but proving my theory right, that the afternoon nap is back in vogue now she is feeling somewhat better...fingers crossed this last, it gives me much more time to bake and sew..things you will all soon learn i LOVE.    

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