Another day, another pool party

summer 2012 will most definitely be known as the summer of the 'pool party' with our little family!
a pool party at our house has 3 main ingredients:    
the small pink plastic 'little mermaid' pool, that Santa was kind enough to leave Noosh for christmas.

a nice big umbrella for shade
and watermelon!  

throw in some tunes coming from the iPod and we are all set for a fantastic day.  when we started having our daily (or at least when it is actually warm here) pool parties I wasn't so sure how Lala would go being forced to sit in a wading pool full of luke warm water...will she just sit there like a stunned mullet??...will she hate it, cry and throw a tantie??...Well she loves it, and the majority of the time the tantrum comes when its time to go inside for a nap. There is lots of splashing, and loads of dancing, as well as our healthy snack of watermelon. It's such a beautiful thing to watch my baby girl having so much  fun with the water and enjoying her first Australian summer. 

So our pool parties are nothing flash, but it's keeping us all happy, entertained and cool, and after all that's all I could hope for this summer!   

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