Tissue Paper Flowers

A couple of days ago my last baby, Miss Queen B turned one. Being a FIFO family usually means we rarely get to celebrate occasions on their actual dates, which is exactly the case this time.  This means I still have a couple of weeks to party plan!!! Keeping with the original 'Rainbow Unicorn' theme I had decided on (it's morphed more into a pink and gold unicorn theme) I felt that the main decoration for the house should be large tissue paper flowers, to help create a magical garden feel. Tissue Paper flowers are really quick and easy to make, the supplies you need are also really easy to get your hands on, and the end result is gorgeous!

What you need...

  • Coloured tissue paper, any colour you like at least 5 sheets per flower.
  • 1 sheet of a another colour for the centre.
  • A twist tie or pipe cleaner or a ribbon
  • Scissors 
How you do it...
  • Lay out the sheet of tissue paper you are using for the centre pieces
  • Fold it in half and cut along the line you create, put to the side
  • Lay out the five or so pieces of tissue paper on top of each other, then the two strips of tissue paper in the centre
  • Start folding the the paper into a fan, refer to the video below for see how
  • Use the twist ties or ribbon to tie the fan together around the centre
  • Cut a semi-
  • Pull the fan open
  • Cut strips into the centre pieces of tissue paper, this will create an extra fluffy look when you
    pull them up, you can do the step before you lay the centre pieces on top of the other tissue paper.
  • Now gently pull the centre strips up towards the middle, when you are happy with how that looks, carefully pull each piece of tissue paper apart.  It's easiest to work in a circle doing this.
  • Watch the video below to see exactly how I did it.

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