flamingo nails, using stamping plates.

Mid this year I accidentally ordered a MoYou London nail plate from an online store while buying hair colour...I know random that you accidentally buy nail stuff when actually looking at hair stuff, but that's me.  Since this little online shopping error, I have become obsessed with nail stamping!
I have always loved painting my nails, I find it very relaxing, a great way for me to keep my anxiety low and it's been a great hobby of mine of many years, but this has taken thing to the next level.
So what is a stamping plate?? It's basically a metal plate with beautiful pictures and patterns engraved on them.  You put nail polish on the picture you want on your nails, use a plastic scraper to removed the excess and then using a special silicon stamper (which you can get in varies shapes and sizes, who knew!) to pick up the picture and transfer it onto your nails.

Yesterday I received 5, yes 5 new plates! First lot of nails I wanted to try out with my new plates were Flamingos!!! Let's face it Flamingos are so hot right now.
I was so excited by it all I did my first ever nail stamping video, it was so much fun, I can't wait to share more pretty nails soon!

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