Holiday Hangover!

Why is it that my house looks like a bomb has exploded in it and we have only been back from our holiday for 19 hours???
Oh that right because unpacking is the WORST!!!  As my best girlfriend just said it's the 'holiday hangover', and that pretty much sums up how I feel….HUNGOVER! Shame I didn't get to drink and dance the night away though.

The house seem to have every bodies clothes, shoes, and stuff everywhere and I can't even blame the kids, they have actually been fantastic through it all, maybe that has to do with the jet lag they have from the 3 hour time difference.  Yep only 3 hours different but that can make a huge impact on little bodies.  

Ok I better get back to it…
Looking forward to letting you all know about our mini holiday and about flying solo with 2 toddlers!

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