Daughter dates.

It has become a little tradition that every few weeks I take my girls out on a special mummy daughter date.  Sometimes it's with just one of the girls and sometimes it's with both, and it can be as simple as going to the Target and getting a baby cino afterwards or more exciting like going to the movies.  Either way, what really makes it special for them is that is just special mummy time, we don't have to rush around running other errands and we can all just enjoy the moments that we are having together. 

Last weeks daughter date saw the girls getting dressed up as Snow White, yes they each have a Snow White costume now thanks to hand-me-downs, and head off to the Snow White screening as part of the Disney Princess Film Festival.  What a great morning we had, there was free face painting, a Princess line up where all the little girls that were dress-up got to show of there beautiful costumes, and of course popcorn!  Miss 3 loved watching one of her favourite movies up on the big screen and Miss 1 really loved the snacks that I had packed, and I loved that it all only cost me $16.  Towards the end of the film they ate there packed sandwiches for lunch and then were happy to head straight home once it finished.  In all a successful daughter date, I will definitely be keeping my eye out again for more kiddy film festivals, it was a lot of fun for all!
all dressed up ready to, even I had Snow White colours on!
my two Snows in the princess lineup.

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