A week of Gratitude, Day One

It's not that uncommon these days to hear people talking about the universe and showing gratitude, for many years now I have lived my life like this.  I believe I have a strong connection with the universe and have been able to manifest great things and opportunities into my life by believing, trusting and being thankful, but sometimes it is hard to be fully present in my gratitude.  Life gets busy and although I always have a sense of feeling grateful, it sometime is hard to focus on what exactly I am thankful for and why.  This is why I am consciously going to think about and write down three things I am grateful for everyday this coming week and then at least once a week there after. I will once again feel totally aware of everything I have and love and am grateful for, feel free to join me in this.

  1. I'm grateful to have such a helpful mum who can dash around the corner to entertain my girls while I clean vomit out of the car seat after a teething toddler choked on her silva and was sick on our way to Ikea. 
  2. I am grateful that said teething toddler is not in too much pain and can have restful sleep while cutting her toothy pegs. 
  3. I am grateful for the love fest the girls showed me before, when they took it in turns to shower me with big wet kisses, very blessed.

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