Getting back to normal

After the craziness of the past week, we are now getting our day to day life back to normal.
Well kind of.  We are quite a crafty family so a big part of our weekly routine includes drawing, painting and gluing things together.

While setting up our early morning paint session, Lala told me that she really wanted to paint some of the firefighters helicopters that we had been talking about and seen over the past few days.  Little kids are so switched on, no better therapy than some painting to help her move on and get over the stress the fires had caused.  I drew a few outlines of helicopters and while she painted them we had chats about how fires can be very scary but we were all safe now, because of the good firefighters and the helicopters that hold all the water.

After a trip to the park and a good play with mum and dad I think we have our happy girl back!

craft therapy

Play therapy

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