Easter Cookies

I love getting my little girl involved in some festive cheer, and baking cookies is a great way to it. I found an easy no fuss cookie dough recipe to make our easter bunny and egg cookies and we headed into the Kitchen.

What you need...
  • 1 cup icing sugar
  • 300g butter or margarine (we used marg)
  • 3 cups plain flour.

How you do it...
  • Cream the sugar and marg together in the mixmaster 
  • Add a cup of flour at a time and mix.  
  • Knead the dough together, pop in the fridge for 20mins to firm up
  • Roll out and cut into our shapes. 
  • Bake for 10min in a 160 degrees preheated oven!
Now was the fun part, the decorating!  Being Easter we had cut out our cookies into egg shapes and some flower shapes that could be easily turned into bunnies.  I choose to work with fondant this time to help transform them.  Fondant can take a little while to get use to working with, but I find you can get really creative with it.  I will quickly go through what I did to decorate a bunny, I'm sure I will do many more posts on decorating down the track, as I'm still very new at decorating myself and having lots of fun learning.
First up I moulded out some bunny ears, eyes and noses. Then I rolled out some fondant and cut it into the same flower shape to cover the cookie. Using a little icing sugar and water I stuck on the bunny ears on to the cookie then placed the fondant flower over the whole cookie.  I rested the ears on some rolled up paper towel allowing them to set without flopping. Next I used a little water on the back of my pre made ears, eyes and nose to help them stick down on the bunnies face.  And wella....Easter Bunny Cookies.  I found this recipe to be so easy that it is really kid friendly, I had my beautiful 2 year old helping out and it was a great little activity to help being some excitement to Easter.  It was also quite tasty!

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