To die for raspberry sorbet

the warm weather has inspired me to make some delectable raspberry sorbet. sorbet is one of my favourite  treats so i am so excited to share this awesome recipe with you all

so you will need.
2         cups of water 
1 1/2     cups of white sugar
           a pinch of salt 
4         cups raspberries.

i like to use frozen raspberries that have been thawed as it is easier and cheaper.
with the cups of water and sugar, prepare a simple syrup, by mixing both in a saucepan over medium to low heat. cook until the sugar is fully dissolved. once the syrup is ready, add the salt and raspberries.

once it is all mixed in together you then need to blend it until its nice and smooth.  the strain the mixture through a fine mesh strainer to remove the seeds. personally i like to leave some of the seed in the mixture.

now come the fun part.....getting to play with the ice-cream maker!!

once your magic machine is turned on pour all the mixture in and sit back and have a cuppa for the next 20 mins.

at the 10 minute mark

at the 20 minute mark


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