First night off!

So tomorrow night is a very very big night in our household!  ....Its going to be the first night I spend away from my baby girl since I bought her home.  i know it is not going to be anywhere near as heart braking  as it was having to leave my tiny little premmie babe in hospital for those agonising 11 days, but still, it's a big deal for me now. 
Where are we off to i hear you ask....we are have a great day/night planned. We are heading into the big smoke for a touch of shopping and night a grand hotel, oh yeah and for a WEDDING at the AQUARIUM! 
Right now I am so excited about having the night off mummy duties, but at the same time I'm worried that I'm going fret too much to be able to enjoy my time off! 
After all this is what i'll miss seeing....yes i know i see it every night but it still melts my heart every single time!

My other concern for the evening is that she isn't going to notice that i'm not around and wont miss that weird??  In saying that though i am really hoping she is nice and easy for my mum and just eats her tea and goes to bed without a fuss.
I guess we won't know until sunday morning when we come home, lets hope I'm not braking the door down at 6am! hahaha  

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