I'm Amy a mum of three, hairdresser by trade, housewife extraordinaire and novice baker.  I started this blog as I've always had a huge spot in my heart for baking and a couple of years ago I realised that despite this love I had become a packet baker.  Along the road into motherhood it just became the quick and easy option, then one day I had had enough, it occurred to me that the speed and ease of a packet cake wasn't giving me the satisfaction a good baking session gives you.  I wasn't getting the great flavours you can create from baking from scratch, and most importantly I had no idea what additives and preservatives I was baking with.  So Becoming Betti Baker was born, 'Betti' is my inspiration, motivation and driving force behind me knowing exactly what I am using, finding out new and different ways of doing things as well as learning to tweak recipes and develop my own, not to mention  being my encouragement to become a better baker.
I also have a real love for crafts, in particular doing little craft projects with my kids, or at least for them.
Thank-you for joining me in my journey from ordinary housewife to a real Betti Baker.

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